Cod & Haddock

Wild-caught deep in Scandinavia’s icy, pristine waters, our cod and haddock are lean yet succulent, with a delicate flavour from a life swimming free.

Cod Haddock


Responsible fishing is at the heart of everything we do. We know where every fish has come from, who caught it and how.

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Lean and nutritious from a life swimming free, our wild fish are naturally packed with goodness.

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One of the best-known species of fish, our cod is caught in Scandinavian waters and is packed with vitamins and flavour.


Our cod is wild-caught in the cold waters of the Norwegian and Barents Seas.


This much loved fish is wonderfully versatile and its clean, gentle flavour lends itself to a huge variety of dishes.


Fry in olive oil for the centrepiece of a beautifully buttery and hearty risotto. Cod is also brilliant when cut into cubes and gently cooked in a rich curry sauce.


From cold, Scandinavian waters, this member of the cod family is fantastic fresh or smoked.


Our haddock is wild-caught in the Norwegian and Barents Seas, where it swims free in the icy waters.


With mild, soft flesh, haddock is brilliant in all kinds of recipes and, once smoked, the flesh becomes buttery and takes on a wonderful sweetness.


Smoked haddock is perfect for a warming, creamy chowder, served with crumbly cornbread and butter.