Frequently asked questions

  • Is Leap Wild Salmon sustainable?

    All our salmon comes from wild fisheries that have been independently certified to the Marine Stewardship Council’s high standards for well-managed, sustainable fisheries.
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  • Can I freeze your salmon?

    Please do check the pack of pack for instructions as some packs of Leap Wild Fish are not suitable for home freezing. But if they are, be sure to do so as soon as possible and before the use-by date. Once frozen, eat within one month.

  • Is Leap tuna sustainable?

    The tuna species we use in Leap products are Yellowfin and Albacore tuna which are found in tropical waters around the world. We only source our tuna from stocks that are healthy and where controls on fishing are not putting the populations at risk. Where improvements are required, we work with the most progressive suppliers to ensure conservation projects are set up to protect tuna stocks and the ecosystems they support.

    As well as having an in-depth understanding of the status of the fisheries from which we source, we are actively promoting the Marine Stewardship Council certification scheme within our supply chains. This certification provides additional assurance that you as a consumer can eat seafood knowing it is meeting the best standard for sustainable fishing.

    So, whilst Leap tuna is not currently MSC Certified – We are actively working with our suppliers towards achieving this status in the future.

  • What’s the best way to cook Leap tuna?

    There are many fantastic ways to cook tuna with our whole range lending itself to different flavours.

    Yellowfin is amazing fried in a hot pan. Asian influenced flavours of soy, ginger and garlic are always a favourite; However, this amazingly versatile fish works wonders in everything from a classic niçoise salad to a sesame and pickled cucumber starter.

    Albacore is a great substitute for pork or chicken. Perfect for anything like curries and tacos through to Mediterranean fish skewers cooked on the BBQ and served with couscous or quinoa. A marinate of lime and chili before being fried and tossed with herbs and chickpeas makes for wonderful eating.

  • Can you eat Leap tuna raw?

    Unfortunately, not. Leap tuna has not been produced in a ready to eat environment and all efforts should be made to ensure it is fully cooked before eating.