Responsible fishing is at the heart of everything we do. We know where every fish has come from, who caught it and how. We also work to do the best we can for the people and communities in which we work.


All our wild salmon comes from Alaska, where responsible, sustainable fishing is written into the state’s constitution. This means that we – and everyone involved – work together to make sure there will always be an abundance of wild salmon – now, and for generations to come.

All the fisheries we source from have been independently certified to the Marine Stewardship Council’s standards.

This means that we can be certain that our wild catch is caught sustainably and can be traced back to its source.

And our oceans are being preserved now, and for years to come.


All our tuna is caught using hooks and lines. This attracts the mature fish which have already had the chance to reproduce – helping to keep the stock healthy

We also work hard with our suppliers, as well as NGOs and other stakeholders, to develop even more selective, sustainable fishing methods – we’re absolutely focused on making sure the wild tuna population stays healthy and abundant.


Cod & Haddock

Cod and haddock are caught by hooks and lines in pristine Norwegian waters.

This fishery is MSC Certified, meeting the Gold standard of seafood sustainability, reflecting the exceptional management and high selectivity with very low bycatch.

LEAP are able to trace all products from the shelf back to the individual vessel on which it was caught, providing the consumer with confidence that this is sourced from a sustainable fishery.

Our amazing fish

All you need to know about our incredible species.

Salmon Tuna Cod & Haddock