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We supply LEAP with the finest sustainable Norwegian cod and haddock.

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Sustainable fish stocks

Our Norwegian cod comes from one of the world’s largest cod stocks, found in Norwegian waters. It’s an enormous fish stock that has been the means of existence for people along the coast for thousands of years.

Our haddock is mainly fished in Norwegian coastal areas and further out in the North Sea. Fishing is done by line and net in the summer.

Fishery science, involving yearly stock assessments, combined with regulation and control, are some of the reasons why both the Northeast Arctic cod and haddock are reproductive and sustainable fish stocks.

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Origin Matters

You’d be forgiven for underestimating just how far north Norway reaches. After all, Oslo and Southern Norway aren’t that far away from the European continent. But travel way up north, and you’ll be closer to the North Pole than to Paris. A remote landscape that’s inhospitable and wild and where the sun disappears for months every year.  Yet, there are people living there and simply because it’s the perfect conditions for fish.

Dedicated Fishermen

Norway landscape

Fishing has kept Norwegians alive for thousands of years. Although the methods and the technology have evolved, the principles of catching fish and staying afloat in one of the world’s roughest and most unpredictable environments remain the same.

The knowhow and passion you need to spend your life fishing in the Arctic is not something Norwegian fishermen learn at school. They do not learn their craft from textbooks or blackboards, nor through daily, meticulous practice at home. Instead, the sea is in their blood: passed on from previous generations and cultivated ever since they were old enough to step aboard a boat.

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