Free, not farmed

At Leap, we believe the best fish swim free.

Wild salmon are the ultimate free-range food,  swimming thousands of miles through the cold, crystal clear waters of the North Pacific and eating a rich, natural diet of shellfish and marine organisms.

This diet gives Wild Salmon its natural vibrant red colour, no artificial colouring needed here.

They’re lean, packed with flavour and bursting with goodness.

All our Leap Wild Tuna are sourced from areas of the World’s Oceans where the tuna stocks are in a healthy state and from fisheries that have minimal impact on the marine environment.

From the delicate notes of our Albacore, to the firm richness of Yellowfin, each species has its own particular profile. That’s what makes real, wild tuna so especially delicious.


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Responsible fishing is at the heart of everything we do. We know where every fish has come from, who caught it and how.

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Lean and nutritious from a life swimming free, our wild fish are naturally packed with goodness.

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About our fish


Healthy, sustainable and natural.
All our salmon is wild-caught.

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These large fish are known to swim thousands of miles – and they’re as stunning to look at as they are to eat.

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We smoke our salmon over a unique blend of woods to make it buttery, rich and deeply delicious.

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