Albacore Tuna Pan-Fry Pieces

Albacore Tuna Pan-Fry Pieces

Known as ‘white tuna’ for its prized, pale flesh, albacore is particularly juicy, with a meaty texture and a subtle, succulent flavour. Our diced albacore are perfect for stews, curries or even kebabs, and they make a great alternative to chicken. Low in fat and high in protein, each bite is packed with nutrients.

Delicate flavour

Meaty texture

Light colour

Maldives-style albacore tuna curry with basmati rice

Serves: 2 • Time: 20mins

Health and Nutrition

High in omega-3

Low in fat

1 of your 2 recommended portions of fish per week

Sourcing Location

Our albacore tuna is wild-caught in the high seas of the Eastern and Western Central Pacific.