Smoked Keta Salmon

Smoked Keta Salmon

Keta salmon has a lighter colour and more delicate flavour than other wild salmon. With its distinctive orange-pink flesh and smooth, creamy texture, each bite is packed with vitamin D, protein and omega-3. Smoked over a unique blend of four woods and hand-cured in salt with a little demerara sugar, it’s rich, balanced and delicious.

Mild flavour

Smooth texture

Pale pink colour

Smoked keta salmon rillettes with crusty bread and crudités

Serves: 4 • Time: 5mins

Health and Nutrition

High in omega-3

High in vitamin D

1 of your 2 recommended portions of fish per week

Sourcing Location

Our keta salmon is wild-caught in the inlets of Southern and Central Alaska and around the beautiful Iturup Island in the Kuril Island region.